Cheese Club

For our cheese lovers, we offer a SPECIAL EXPERIENCE with our Monthly Cheese Club.  When you join our Cheese Club, you or your gift recipient will receive extraordinary hand selected cheeses in 3, 6 and 12 month options.

Each month Cheesemonger Kurt will select THREE cheeses.  Each month’s selection varies depending on seasonal themes.  Cheese club members are the FIRST TO EXPERIENCE when we get limited, hard-to-get cheeses! 

Cheese Club
Cheese Club
Cheese Club Tote


Offering 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions.

Each month’s offering is uniquely selected by Cheesemonger Kurt.  You will receive THREE cheeses, size depends on the selection.


Three (3) Months $250 ($83 / mth) 

Six (6) Months $470 ($78 / mth) 

Twelve (12) Months $900 ($75 / mth)


Select your membership, 3, 6 or 12 months.

Pick-up date 2nd Tuesday of each month.

Can't pick up that date, we will hold items for up to 2 days.


Want to also pair your cheeses with charcuterie?  Or add a bottle of wine?  You will have the perfect evening with cheese, charcuterie and wine!

Charcuterie add on $15.95 per month

Bottle of wine $19.95 per month


Receive welcome email confirming your subscription.  On pick up date, you will receive an email from Cheesemonger Kurt explaining how to navigate, taste, and pair these cheeses.  You will also receive a card with information on your cheeses.

On your initial month, we will include a GREYS cheese log where you can write and keep track of all the cheeses you will be tasting and their attributes.

It gets better, throughout the month, bring your GREYS tote back to the store and get 10% off any cheese or wine you purchase that day. You don't only have to get cheese once a month, now you can come back throughout the month and fill your tote!