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Chefs looking to add special cheeses or cheese flights can now source your artisal cheeses through us. 

Why source your cheeses with us?   Let us tell you why . . . .

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Personalized Experience

There are a lot of spectacular cheeses out there and finding the right ones for your restaurant can prove to be a challenge.  Let Cheesemonger Kurt help you navigate through the many international and domestic selections.  He will curate the perfect cheeses for your cheese flights.   Blow your customers away with unique cheese offerings.

Cheese Education

With our Wholesale Cheese Program your staff receives free cheese training from our cheesemonger.  Learn every detail about the cheeses on your flights so your staff can share and explain each cheese on your restaurant's cheese flight.  Impress your guests each night as your staff explains the cheeses on their plate.  

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Wholesale Board

Let us do what we do best and help you navigate and select the best cheese flight for your restaurant. 

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