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Yes, we cater!  GREYS has new platter options for your gathering. 

Whether you are having a gathering at home or ordering lunch for the team, bring us along to your friends, clients and co-workers.  Cater with Greys today!

Select from various platters to cater your event.  We have cheese, charcuterie, sandwich platters and even a cheesecake desert platter.   


Cheese platters focus on cheese and accoutrements that highlight and accentuate the flavors of our cheeses while charcuterie platters (cured meat only) focus on cured meats, perfect for all our meat lovers!

We guarantee freshness as we make your tray the day you intend to eat it; always fresh cut-to-order cheeses and charcuterie. 

We require a 24 hour minimum for orders.  Need it sooner? Call our store, we sometimes take same day orders. For optimal freshness, we recommend picking up your board or having it delivered the day you will serve it.  If you have a large order please allow us a minimum of 48 hours.

Want a specific cheese on your cheeseboard?  We have custom boards available in large or extra-large sizes for special requests of cheese or charcuterie. Inquire by calling our store or emailing us at


Why order from GREYS?

We only offer the best and finest cheese and charcuterie.  Cheesemonger Kurt curates the best for our turophiles from only small producers.  You will not find mass, factory produced cheeses that are often manufactured with harsh chemicals and terrible conditions to their herds.  We only source from small creameries that deeply care about the food you eat and are ethical to their herds and the environment.


Can I select the cheese or charcuterie on our platter?

We can only customize selections for the large and extra-large platters.  All other orders include the cheeses selected by our cheesemonger for that season.  We change our platters with the seasons, to provide you with the most amazing cheese, charcuterie  and accoutrements that are perfect for that season.

How do I serve my platter?

Platters come ready to eat and they are best enjoyed the day of ordering.  They include wooden serving utensils.  Just pull out of the box and enjoy. 

Does it come with crackers or bread?

No, these are add-ons.  We have various crackers including gluten-free options.

The only tray that comes with crackers is our custom large and extra-large tray. 

Someone in our group has allergies, how do you handle this?

When placing your order, if placing online, please add in the comment section.  If calling our store, please share this information with our staff.

What if I need to cancel my platter?

We are unable to accept cancellations or reschedule pick ups within 48 hours of pick up date provided when ordering.  Customers who cancel WITHIN 48 hour window will NOT receive any refunds or credits

What does my platter come with?

Platters come with wooden serving utensils.  Wood or bamboo trays are used on large and extra-large platters.  Products are all biodegradable and compostable.

* All cheese and charcuterie platters recommended serving sizes are appetizer portion suggestions.  

* No substitution on cheeses or charcuterie.  Special request for custom boards only (size large and extra-large)

* Have food allergies? Please add in the comments during check out.

 * We are unable to accept cancellations or reschedule pick ups within 48 hours of pick up date.  Customers who cancel WITHIN the 48 hour window will NOT receive any refunds or credits.

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