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"Tasting cheese with a group of friends is an amazing social experiment ... Mindful tasting requires a group of people to sit down and share their impressions of appearance, aroma and flavor."   

Liz Thorpe, The Book of Cheese

Nothing brings people together than a perfectly curated display of cheese and charcuterie.  When you gather around  our greysing table or platter you will take your palate on an adventure.  We offer different options depending on your event needs.  Greysing tables for large events start at 4 ft.  We also offer greysing platters for small to medium gatherings.  Let us know how we can help with your event.

Wedding Greys.jpg


Whether you are hosting a corporate function, birthday, or wedding reception, our Greysing Tables are the perfect centerpiece for your event!  Custom, one of a kind centerpiece curated with only the best artisanal cheeses and charcuterie.  Our custom table will display tone and style of your event.

Custom board_edited.png


Our platters make gathering and entertaining effortless.  We got you covered whether it is an  intimate gathering or larger event.  Order our larger platters or put together a few smaller ones.   All you do is set on your table and enjoy with your guests. 

Order our platters online or call one of our stores.  For greysing tables, please follow to link to contact one of our event planners who will work with you and our cheesemongers to make sure we have the best cheeses for your events. 

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