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Music City Turophiles (cheese lovers) get ready, Greys is ready to bring you a cut-to-order specialty cheese shop and lots of cheese education. We are passionate about supporting small creameries in the US and around the world and teaching about cheese.

Since we started our small business, our focus has been education. We wholeheartedly believe the more people learn about cheese, the more enjoyable their experience with it. Our cheesemongers love introducing turophiles to new cheeses he curates from around the world and the US.

Kurt Samples

You can stop by our shop, learn and sample our cheeses as you talk with one of our cheesemongers and take the perfect cheese for you home.


We also offer a variety of European and local products to compliment your cheese. We will also offer our workshops as another avenue to increase your cheese knowledge plus you will be able to enjoy cheese and charcuterie as part of our dine-in menu plus wine and cheese fligths! The cheese options are endless!

We are so excited and cannot wait to meet to you. We are located at Sylvan Supply plaza, between Keller Williams and Woodland Wines.

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Cheese case Night
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Greys Fine Cheeses Entrance
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