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On a cheese research trip to Switzerland in 2023, Jackie and Kurt were inspired to add fondue to Greys cheese experiences. 

Fondue comes from the French word “fondre”, meaning to melt. It had its origins in 18th century Switzerland as a means for farm families to stretch their resources during the winter months. With some remaining cheese, bread, and a dash of wine the family could gather around the hearth.

Fondue History

Fondue became a Swiss winter tradition long ago. Today, it is considered a winter meal.  It is a one-pot meal of comfort food to be enjoyed family style. Fondue is traditionally made and served in an earthenware pot known as a caquelon. This wide, shallow pot is favored because it heats evenly and retains heat so the meal can be enjoyed for a longer period of time.  We use a Swiss made caquelon made by Kuhn Rikon for our experience.


You take a skewered piece of bread into the cheese, swirling and scraping along the bottom. This is fondue technique and etiquette. It covers your bite in delicious fondue while keeping it stirred for the others at the table. When you make it to the bottom, allow the last bit of melted cheese at the bottom of the pot to continue to cook with the flame.  The cheese will turn into a dark crust called the "religieuse" which can be enjoyed at the end of the meal.  It is considered a delicacy by the Swiss!

Tell me more ....

GREYS now offers a fondue interactive experience for a group of four (4) for dinner.  Your experience includes a traditional fondue setup with a Kuhn Rikon caquelon for guests to dip their selection of food into cheese.

Your fondue party experience includes:

Traditional Fondue recipe

(Gruyère AOP & Emmentaler “Slow Food” 18 month AOP)

Cured Meat


and much more

plus 2 bottles of wine (select wine or red)

Book your experience today.  We will host our first groups starting January 24. The price for up to 4 guests is $250 plus 20% gratuity and tax.To reserve your spot please call our store and speak to our event planner or email us at

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