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Raclette Cheese

Raclette comes from the French Swiss dialect racler, meaning “to scrape.” Raclette refers to both the cheese and the dish made with it. Authentic raclette dining involves scraping melted cheese onto a plate.

Not to be confused with fondue which is food dipped into melted cheese; raclette is typically served with potatoes, gherkins, cold meats, breads and pickled onions. These dishes are usually served in the winter.

Raclette is older than fondue. References to raclette date to 1291, while the first mention of a fondue recipe was in 1699.

Raclette Pickled Veggies

What is a Raclette Experience?

GREYS offers an interactive eating experience with your private group for either lunch or dinner.  Your table can seat up to 6 people.  Each table is provided a party raclette set with 8 pans.  Your group will be provided cheeses to melt and scrape onto your customized plate.  Included with your experience is a traditional spread of potatoes, pickled goods, cured meats and breads. 

Also included are two bottles of wine per table.  You can purchase more if your group would like to enjoy more wine. 

Tell me more ....

Reservations are REQUIRED.  Price is $300 per table which can include up to 6 guests.  To reserve your spot please call our store or email us at  ​

You can reserve up to 3 tables should you have parties larger than 6 people.  You can also reserve as a private event.  Ask us about these other options.

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