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GREYS is Memphis and Nashville’s only cut-to-order specialty cheese shop.  Our focus is educating our turophiles (cheese lovers) on artisanal cheeses we purchase from creameries in the US and around the world.  We love to learn more everyday about cheese and pass on this knowledge to our staff.  We want to “elevate your experience with cheese” whether you are part of our staff or our customer.  

We are opening stores in Middle Tennessee.  Our Nashville store opens in October and we have various open positions.  Join a unique team where the focus is cheese.



We will let you in on a secret, cheese is fun!  We get to do a lot of creative things with cheese; even cheese wheel pistol squats! 

We get creative in the kitchen and with our workshops.  Our chefs have creative opportunities to develop unique dishes, whether on the menu or a cheese bar special.  Our Front Of House staff enjoys opportunities to learn all about cheese, wines and how it all pairs together. 

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We also have the best cheese loving customers who we lovingly call turophiles, the Greek word for cheese lovers.  Plus we get to collab with awesome culinary experts.  We often partner with other restaurants or breweries to bring fun cheese centered experiences around town. We also learn lots about wines from our Wine Director who selects the most amazing wines from around the world for our menus and workshops.


We are a family owned business who cares about each and every member of our staff.  Our employees come first, because happy employees lead to happy customers!  We offer competitive salaries, work-life balance schedules and career advancement opportunities as we grow.  Opportunities for learning all about cheese via online courses, traveling to creameries and food shows.  By continually educating our staff, we continually enhance and elevate our customer's experience with cheese.

We ensure all our staff have access to a great work environment by providing the education, supplies and equipment necessary to succeed in your role. 

Additional benefits - health insurance, paid vacation and sick days, closed major holidays


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