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When/how do I serve my cheeseboard?

Cheese has many complex flavors, smells, and textures, but cold temperatures will blunt your experience. Cheese is best served at room temperature. Setting your cheeseboard out 60-90 minutes before serving it is best. Cheese can be kept at room temperature safely for several hours. Additionally, make sure that your delivery date matches the day and time window when you want to serve your board. It is not advised to store a board overnight as delivered.

How do I store leftover cheese?

Make sure BEFORE storing your cheese to clean any food particles or crumbs from it. Use the back of a knife to “face clean” cheese before storing. Once clean, wrap your cheese in cheese paper (available through us) or use parchment paper, placing it in a glass or plastic food storage container before finally placing it in the refrigerator. Soft cheeses will last 7-10 days after cutting, while aged or hard cheeses have less moisture and will last another week longer.

How do I approach my cheeseboard?

Each one of our cheeseboards includes a hand written note just for your board with a description for each cheese and it’s pairing. We suggest you try each cheese by itself, noting what flavors and textures you are experiencing as they unfold, and then sample the cheese with the listed pairings. You may find you enjoy one cheese by itself or on a crisp just as much as with a pairing!

Do I eat the rind?

YES! When the rind is edible, it is meant to be eaten. There is a lot of character in the rind, especially in washed rind cheeses like Taleggio. If it is too pungent, or you find it too thick in certain areas, feel free to trim it down. If your cheese has a wax or a cloth rind, these should be removed before eating.

How do I book a private event?

To book a private event you need a minimum of 20 people.  We can arrange for a private class and you and your guest will learn about cheese or we can prepare a cheese and charcuterie spread on our bar.  Send us an email with your inquiry.

I'm having a large event.  Do you prepare cheese and charcuterie tables?

Hosting a large event at your work or home?  Getting married?  We can put together an amazing, show stopper cheese and charcuterie table.  We also offer "cheese" cakes.  Oh yes!  Inquire via email. 

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