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We are family-owned offering the finest artisanal cheeses, charcuterie, accoutrements and wine to our turophiles (cheese lovers). Our cheeses are all cut-to-order, meaning you can buy the exact amount you want and talk to a cheesemonger about your selections. 


We want to educate our turophiles to enjoy artisanal cheeses made by producers who deeply care for their herds and have a passion for making real food that is healthy for you and also the environment. 

We have developed relationships with cheese makers around the world to source only the best.  We travel to creameries in the US and Europe to enhance our cheese knowledge making sure we only partner with those who ethically care for their land and animals.  When you support us, you support these incredible people.


We want to be your one-stop-shop for artisanal cheese.  We offer all things cheese including workshops and tasting events. Book us for a private events or sign up for our monthly cheese club. We also offer cheeseboards for home entertaining. Want to learn more about cheese?  Stop by and visit us.


We provide exceptional and unique experiences all centered around cheese.

LEARN through our teams' knowledge and our workshops and events
SHOP our selection of local products plus high quality European goods
EAT cheese and charcuterie flights or dishes all centered around cheese

"Tasting cheese with a group of friends is an amazing social experiment ... Mindful tasting requires a group of people to sit down and share their impressions of appearance, aroma and flavor."  
Liz Thorpe, The Book of Cheese


"You have to be a romantic to invest yourself,
your money and your time in cheese"  

Anthony Bourdain

What are people saying about GREYS?

"The Kimchi Reuben at Greys Fine Cheese is a top ten sandwich of my life. God bless."

- Chef Kelly English

"This is our favorite spot in town. Not only is the selection exceptional but employees consistently go above and beyond. They're incredibly well educated and knowledgeable . . .

As someone who lived in Paris, I can tell you this is identical to many of the neighborhood cheese shops I would shop in." 

- Abby Walsh Booth

This culinary delight is a fusion of grocery / wine bar / learning kitchen / happy hour haven!


Beyond selection and deliciousness, the vibe and amazing staff is refreshing and upscale yet warm and laid back. Simply put, I LOVE THIS PLACE!"

- Dena Nance

"The Cheesemonger is super knowledgeable and more than willing to take what you like and push you just a step further.


The food was good and the atmosphere was great …the whole experience was an epic take away.

- Allen Moody

"This was such a pleasure to go in! What an amazing selection of pairings for cheeses and meats.


Products I used to see in France very often. Makes me happy!!"

- Mandy Gootzeit

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